How to hire

Our D.D.A compliant event hire bollards are ideal for events such as public parties, street events, celebrations, sports games, markets or seasonal happenings.

It's easy and quick to install event hire bollards. Simply contact our friendly sales team to book a consultation.

How leasing Event Bollards works

The process starts with a consultation where we inspect the site. Once we have determined what is needed, the bollards are deployed and installed by our in-house installation team. Event Bollards will be part of the process from start to finish, including potential maintenance along the way. When the leasing period is over, it is possible to purchase the bollards. Otherwise, our team will uninstall the bollards and bring them back for others to lease.

  • Step 1


    The first step is to book a consultation with us. Our expert will do a site survey and advise on the best solution. We advise you on issues like traffic flow, design, safety and accessibility.

  • Step 2

    Quick deployment

    Our Event Bollard experts take care of everything from start to finish. We transport the bollards to the site and install them for you. Maintenance is also included.

  • Step 3


    When the leasing period is over, our in-house installation team will remove the bollards from the site. It is also possible to purchase the bollards after the lease. We offer finance in that case.

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